We are committed to providing the best tasting beef California has to offer while working closely to promote stewardship of the land in a sustainable, environmentally conscious manner.”  vspace= Todd Swickard, Owner Five Dot Ranch

Our Commitment to You:

All Natural
We are committed to providing a product that is always 100% free of antibiotics or additional hormones. With low stress handling, proper nutrition and holistic management practices we have been raising Natural cattle for almost fifteen years.

Natural is more than a term it’s our commitment to you.

California Raised
We own and trace every animal we produce. We guarantee they are born, raised and finished on the finest forages and best feeds California has to offer.

Our standards are high, and we’re proud California producers!

Freedom to Roam
We have quality standards from birth to the market place. We believe that in order to raise all natural cattle we must provide healthy open grazing spaces that are sustainable for both the cattle and the environment.

Our cattle are always grazed with a holistic, environmentally sustainable approach.

Professional Care
We employ only top of the line cattle professionals. They take pride in their profession and are trained in quality assurance, low stress handling, and cattle health practices.

We provide peace of mind through experience.

Quality Beef
Our family has been in the cattle business in California for over 150 years, we know what premium beef tastes like. We are committed to providing a product that we are proud to put our family name on.

We will provide you the consumer a quality product every time.

We invite you to experience the best tasting beef California has to offer!

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