Our Story

For seven generations the Swickard's have been in the business of producing grain & livestock in California.(1916) Three GenerationsOriginally sailing from New Orleans via Cape Horn in 1852 when Andrew Swickard, his wife Susannah, & their two children first homesteaded in the Santa Clara Valley. Son Harvey married Isabel McQuene, whose family had come to California from Indiana via ship, crossing the Isthmus of Panama on foot. Harvey, Isabel and their eight children expanded the ranch's horse operation to supply the booming city of San Francisco with transportation.

(1917) John Harvey SwickardTheir son John Harvey Swickard took over the ranch and married Mary Ellen Cothran. Mary Ellen's family came by wagon train in 1859. Her father left Kansas with 1,000 head of cattle only to arrive in California with 250 head. Their son, John Abraham and his wife Evelyn Boeger eventually took over the ranch and had two sons, Jack & Tom.

(1949) Jack and his fatherBy 1949 with guidance and direction from his father, Jack at the age of 15 became one of the youngest purebred breeders in the nation and the youngest commercial breeder in the Santa Clara Valley. A local news article had Jack quoted saying, "I don't plan to make a million, but to build up a good foundation herd and develop something of a name, and this takes time."

With cattle ranching as his passion Jack and his wife Margret moved to Susanville, Five Dot Land and Cattle Company was started in 1959 in Lassen County with 200 registered Hereford cattle. Tom Swickard joined them four years later. Since this time both brothers have developed successful (1999) Margret and Jackcattle, haying and land operations.

In 1994 Jack's son Todd took over the daily operation of the ranch. With a predominately Angus cattle herd, Five Dot Ranch has developed a successful natural beef program. Through a holistic, environmentally sustainable approach to grazing on open ranges and pastures, combined with low stress handling we have been able to raise our cattle naturally without antibiotics or added hormones. Raising cattle in nine different counties in Northern California allows us to match the cattle to the best forages our state has to offer at the most optimal times of the year.


"We have built up a good foundation herd,
developed something of a name and the time has come...."

We invite you to experience the
best tasting beef California has to offer.


Five Dot Ranch Premium Natural Beef

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