Featured Employees


Gabe Williams,
Cowboss/Cattle Manager

Gabe grew up in the Salinas Valley of California. He began his cowboy career at the T Lazy S Ranch near Battle Mountain, Nevada. Since then he has worked at several ranches in California. He has worked every aspect of raising cattle from calving to shipping. "It is a wonderful feeling to see healthy cattle grazing on high-quality grass, knowing that good management is working to produce great tasting, nutritious beef."

Gabe and his wife chose ranching as a career because it provides a wonderful environment to raise their three boys. "Cowboying is more than a job, it's a way of life. We are very blessed to be working in one of the few industries that allow us to work together as a family." Gabe is also a professional saddle maker, specializing in saddles for working cowboys.




Dave Ward

Dave was born and raised in Willows, CA and grew up on his family ranch in the foothills of Glenn County. He attended MSU, Bozeman for Range Management and Animal Science.
Working on ranches between California and Montana, he has acquired ways of managing and handling cattle in different types of range conditions from forested to high desert. Having good horses and cow dogs are vital to helping get the job done.

“Proper management of cattle, grass and wildlife are essential to the future of ranching.”




Jeremy Ballard 
Feed Specialist

Jeremy was born and raised in Lincoln, CA and attended CSU, Chico where he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science. Jeremy managed the University's Beef Unit and took special interest in cattle feeding and management.  

Everyday, Jeremy monitors the feed rations and health of all of the cattle going into the Five Dot Ranch natural beef program.


"What I like about my job most, is having the opportunity to help produce high-quality nutritious beef. It is also rewarding knowing that through optimal nutrition and management, the cattle are healthy and happy."




Rob Campbell 
East Bay Manager

Rob grew up in Woodland, CA and spent his childhood learning to appreciate the outdoors and the land. Rob was introduced to ranching in his late teens and quickly learned the ropes of cattle work and riding horses. He spent several years riding broncs and then settled into ranch work.  Over the years, Rob has worked for several large cattle operations in California, Nevada & Oregon. Rob came to Five Dot Land & Cattle to manage the San Francisco East Bay Area allotments. Rob is a big proponent of land management and takes great pride in raising healthy cattle.  Rob also enjoys roping, fishing, hunting and training his horses and stock dogs.



Lige Smith 

Lige Smith was born and raised on his family’s ranch in Warner Springs, California. He shod horses professionally for several years before he decided to follow his dream of being in the cattle industry. Lige has worked on a few ranches throughout California, and has really enjoyed every aspect of raising cattle. He loves being able to ride his horses every day and takes great pride in the tools of the trade. Lige is an accomplished saddle maker and also loves competing in rodeo and roping events. Lige and his wife plan on being involved in the cattle business for years to come.



Kurt Newman 
Truck Driver  

Just like any other business, Five Dot has seen a lot of great employees come and go, but tthere are a few that end up sticking around. Kurt has been an employee on the Five Dot Ranch for the past 28 years. That's right, 28 years! Kurt Joined our daily ranching operations in 1985 as a cowboy, riding his white horse to help gather cattle. Over the course of time Kurt learned to drive semi-trucks and formed a great interest in hauling cattle and hay. Kurt drives a white semi-truck with a Five Dot logo on the side and can be seen cruising along with his four (yellow, black, chocolate and silver) Labrador Retrievers. Kurt plays a very important role at Five Dot, contributing to the efficiency and success of the operation. He delivers the cattle to the processing facility every week, ensuring that our meat case at the Oxbow will be fully stocked with the freshest beef cuts. Kurt also transports our cattle back and forth from the valley, following the feed. If you see Kurt's semi on the highway, dont forget to wave!


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