Testimonial 6
Went to the Norman Rose Cafe recently and had a five dot cheeseburger.  I assume the meat was from your ranch.  I'll have to admit it is my favorite...There was something really special about your meat.  I love Norman Rose and I love the five dot cheeseburger.  Your food is truly exceptional.  The next time I need something special I am going right down to the Oxbow to your shop.  BBQ weather is coming up.  I can hardly wait.
– Ray Beem, February 2012

Testimonial 3
Five Dot Ranch's hot dogs don't bite but they do snap;
"I enjoyed my dinner frank tonight from Five Dot Ranch. It has a nice snappy casing and a good, juicy classic hot dog taste. The only minus is they are what they say they are... dinner franks... the size of a bratwurst and more suitable to be served for dinner then a bun... unless you get the size bun that will hold a bratwurst. I hope in the future they will make some skinny dogs that will fit in a conventional bun because they were great. I still enjoyed the grank very much with my Alexander Valley saurkraut and pickles from Whole Foods. The frank was WAY better than the Whole Foods beef frank I bought last time. Actually, I can't think of another I like more. They had some interesting brands of bottled steak sauces and marinades. Also they were selling some wine soaked planks for cooking meat."
rworange Jan 31st 2008
Testimonial 4
We found the wine a perfect accompaniment, incidentally, to the first burgers off the grill this spring. They were sweetened with grilled onions and spiced with a catsup-and-mayo sauce seasoned with horseradish, mustard, wasabi and lime. But the meat alone was the big hit. For the first time, we made the burgers with Five Dot Ranch ground chuck from Taylor's Market ($4.49 per pound). This is good beef, coming from a famly that's been ranching in California since 1852. Today, the Swickard family's holdings stretch from Lassen County to Napa Valley. The mostly Angus cattle they run are raised on open range with sustainable, "holistic" and natural practices. They don't use antibiotics on the herds, and they don't add hormones to their feed.
Posted by mdunne at May 14, 2008 10:18 AM
Testimonial 5
I just wanted to let your company know that I visited your shop at the Oxbow Center this weekend and was quite impressed. Matt Reynolds took very good care of me and explained why your meat is superior. I took his advice and came home with a steak which turned out to be extremely good... I could really tell the difference between your product and supermarket meat. Flavorful, tender, ect... Top Notch. I will definitely try your store again when I am in downtown Napa and will recommend the same to my friends. Keep up the good work.
Testimonial 2
Just wanted you to know that my wife and I have decided to give up eating any beef besides yours. This after having made the world's greatest hamburgers with your ground round and having served a fantastic grilled T-bone to friends last weekend. The Oxbow Market and your shop have set a new standard of quality food. Keep up the good work.
Jess Knubis April 11, 2008
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