Five Dot Ranch Earns Food Alliance Certification

Standish, CA November 1, 2007 - Five Dot Ranch has been recognized for it's outstanding sustainable agricultural practices by the Food Alliance, based in Portland Oregon. Certification requires an onsite inspection by an independent third party who examines and verifies that the ranch: “We are very excited to be part of the Food Alliance program,” said Five Dot Ranch CEO Todd Swickard. “We're committed to raising our cattle in a sustainable and humane manner. We believe that an all natural, low-stress enviroment produces healthier cattle and, in turn, a better product for the consumer. This certification helps provide further assurance to our customers that we really stand behind what we say. Plus, this certification covers land stewardship which is very important to us. We raise our cattle in some of the most beautiful and pristine land in California and we make every effort to esure that it stays that way.”

About Five Dot Ranch
Five Dot Ranch, located in Standish California, raises all natural beef that are always 100% free of homrones and antibiotics. With low stress handling, proper nutrition and holistic management practices we have been raising natural cattle for almost fifteen years.
Quality beef products from Five Dot Ranch are sold in fine restaurants and markets throughout California and Nevada.

Michelle Wolf
Five Dot Ranch

About Food Alliance
Food Alliance is a non-profit organization that certifies farms, ranches and food processors for sustainable agricultural and production practices. Businesses that meet Food Alliance’s standards, as determined by a third-party site inspection, use certification to make credible claims for social and environmental responsibility, differentiating their products and strengthening their brands.

Food Alliance launched its certification program in 1998 in Portland, Oregon, with a single apple grower selling in three area grocery stores. Today, there are over 270 Food Alliance certified farms and ranches in 17 U.S. states and one Canadian province. These producers manage over 5.1 million acres of range and farm land, raising beef, lamb, pork, dairy products, mushrooms, dried beans and lentils, wheat, and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. An increasing number of Food Alliance Certified processed products are also becoming available, including cheeses, bread, oil, and frozen and canned fruits and vegetables. Food Alliance has offices in Oregon, Minnesota and California.

Scott Exo, Executive Director
Food Alliance

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