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October 10, 2018

San Francisco Eater

Warriors Sign on Local Food Vendors for New Chase Center

Five Dot Ranch
This family-run ranch was founded in 1959, and have been treating their cattle with care (and no antibiotics or hormones) ever since. It’s unclear what their presence at the stadium will look like, but they run a butcher shop and restaurant at Napa’s Oxbow Market with options like a beef bacon BLT.


March 20, 2018

Holistic Management

Success Story: Housing Development Pressure, Consumer Tastes and Ranch Succession

Todd’s parents, Jack and Margret, were introduced to Holistic Management when they went on a Western Livestock Journal tour to Africa in the early 1970s and met Allan Savory. “My dad began using some of those practices and was one of the first ranchers in this area to start planned grazing,” says Todd.

“I continued to incorporate these practices, and this is the main reason we are still in business today. We were able to weather some of the challenges by taking care of the soil, all the vegetation, etc. In our line of business we are producing food and can keep the landscape in relatively natural state. We try to work with nature, even though we have to deal with many different state and federal agency people and private owners that we lease ground from. Each of them has different priorities and objectives and it’s a constant juggling act,” he says.

Holistic Management provides a foundation, and he feels it has kept the ranch in business. The holistic view helps in all aspects of life, and not just the grazing and cattle management. “It helps us put the whole picture together.”


June 15, 2017

American Cowboy

Great Ranches of the Great Basin

Five Dot Land and Cattle Company
Standish, Calif.
The Five Dot Land and Cattle Company near the tiny northeastern California town of Standish has been in the Swickard family since it was founded in 1959, though they’ve been in the ag business for seven generations. Spread out over nine counties, they raise predominantly Angus cattle in a natural beef program. The cowboy crew still uses horses for all aspects of ranch work, from roping calves at branding time and camping out in the summer.


March 20, 2015

San Francisco Chronicle

Defining sustainable beef

“To be sustainable and to do justice to the animal, you have to use all of the animal all the time,” said Loretta Swickard of Five Dot Ranch, which has a meat shop and cookhouse in Napa. “There has to be a purpose in what we’re doing.”



Sage Grouse Initiative

Five Dot Ranch Sustains Sage Grouse & Produces Natural Beef

The Swickard family takes pride in a pasture to plate operation. Their natural beef customers support a ranch dedicated to healthy cattle and plentiful wildlife, with a focus on sage grouse on property near Susanville, California.


August 29, 2012

Beef Magazine

Four Top Commercial Producers Talk About Beef Production

Four nominees for the Beef Improvement Federation Commercial Producer of the Year Award speak their minds about the state of beef production.